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Charcoal Powder Press Machine With High Quality

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2013-08-19
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Specifications of Charcoal Powder Extruder Machine:
1.Continuous working;
2.Easy operate;
3.Large capacity;
4.Professional design;
5.CE approved.

Introduction of Charcoal Powder Extruder Machine:
1).This machine mainly uses the pressure of the screw propeller and mold to form the desired bars;
2).The raw materials for this machine should be carbon powder, it is applicable to many molds as per your need;
3).This machine can use the leftover of the charcoal making line, the final bars is of high density, can be 1.5g/cm3;
4).the best choice for making shisha charcoal.


Raw materials of Charcoal Powder Extruder Machine:
1.can suitable for charcoal powder , wood charcoal powder , coco nut shell charcoal powder , rice husk charcoal powder , charcoal dust,coal powder;
2.Material suitable size : <3mm;
3.The shape and size of stick can be made as require , like round,hexagon,cinquefoil,and others,in the stick center,it can with hole or not;
4.For the legth , it has the auto cutter.

Characteristic of charcoal extruder :
1.No binder or noxious chemical need to use;
2.The humidity of the raw materials is controlled in 8-12%;
3.Using the advanced Hot air drying system with the perfect performance;
4.After the processing of High temperature, purification, smoke removing, the carbonizing equipment transforms the semi-finished bio-fuel briquette into a smoke-free, tasteless, non-toxic cleaning carbon.

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