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Charcoal Some New Applications

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2013-01-15
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Charcoal some new applications:

Humans use charcoal history is very long. Of 1000 degrees Celsius for furnace, the wood will slowly become charcoal. Charcoal smokeless tasteless, calorific value, burning time long, at first, in daily life, charcoal just as fuel is used, such as heating, barbecue, hot pot fuel, but now some careful people found a lot of new use charcoal.

1. It can absorb wet and deodorization

2. Produce useful anion

3. Simple moistureproof mildew

4. Smelting iron wood vinegar is widely used

5. The green environmental protection back to nature

6. Increase abluent power

7. Increase mineral

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