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Charcoal machine how to improve the denseness of products

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2021-11-06 06:32:57
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The new mechanism charcoal machine equipment is a machine that crushes the wood chips into granules within 10mm, dries and forms them in a drying machine and then puts them into a charcoal furnace for charring. The charcoal machine produces charcoal with high density, small volume and good combustibility, which can replace firewood and coal. Charcoal is an environmentally friendly, smokeless, tasteless, fuel that is indispensable in people's daily lives. Previously, only industrial aspects can be used, now we are surrounded by barbecue, heating, hot pot common also began to use to replace coal or other fuels. The new mechanism charcoal machine equipment is the export mechanism charcoal machinery, more suitable for the production of larger enterprises, years of persistence and unremitting efforts to have the achievement. Only good raw materials can produce good mechanism charcoal, how to improve the new mechanism charcoal machine equipment production products denseness need to know: the loading density of raw materials, it is necessary to first crush the raw materials, so as to be able to accurately measure the capacity and yield of raw material particles into the charring furnace. The density of the raw material often depends on its growth environment and void space, usually we take the size of the raw material to load the standard calculation of the furnace as the standard, the raw material will be crushed, and then extruded, will improve the loading density of wood chips to 30%-50%, while the volume of the raw material is with its moisture content and change, this has greater practical significance in the charring process, the true specific gravity of charcoal is mainly related to the calcination temperature The true specific gravity of charcoal is mainly related to the calcination temperature and has little to do with the species, generally between 1.3 and 1.4; the apparent specific gravity is generally between 0.2 and 0.5, which not only varies according to the species, but is also influenced by the porosity. Usually the porosity of charcoal accounts for more than 7% of the volume of charcoal and is influenced by the species, the growing part and the charring process.

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Our factory is based on product quality, through a series of effective control means, and work on the ease of use of the product, environmental protection and energy saving, technology, and peace, to develop a series of quality, cost-effective, technologically advanced products, highlighting the distinctive product characteristics and the charm of the enterprise. The new main product mechanism charcoal machine, a fusion of the advantages of a variety of charcoal machine in one, with environmental protection and energy saving as the core concept carefully developed from stable performance, high production efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving and other aspects of the advantages. Innovative equipment is more popular, for the future development of our plant laid a solid foundation, has been emphasizing innovation, there are many aspects of life are to technology to profit, rely on technology to hit the market, no innovation, profit is not to talk about, no talent, science and technology innovation is an empty word, all technology and innovation is built on human intelligence and ability from time to time the introduction of professional talent, for science and technology innovation to lay a A solid foundation.

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