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The Difference of Original Charcoal & Machine-Made Charcoal?

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What is the difference between the original charcoal and machine-made charcoal? Let's compare.

The original charcoal

The original charcoal raw materials can be to branches of the trees, and made enough carbon fuel resistant, wasted forest resources. Also called tree charcoal original charcoal, is to use a variety of stem, stem or root of the trees in coking furnace burning and (furnace), thus the size of the raw material size, water content, so its quality is not stable, calorific value of 5500-6500 calories, burning time 80 minutes per kilogram, 56-75%, the carbon content burning smoke smell.

Machine-made charcoal

Machine-made charcoal raw materials can be wood processing factory under the Angle expected, the wastes of agriculture and forestry, after making great machine, density, resistance to combustion, high calorific value, have strong support from the state. In the wooden broken material extrusion processing of carbon rod, behind the carbonization furnace carbonization, mechanism charcoal carbon density is more than 3 times of the original charcoal, smokeless combustion, industry, stick carbon used in the production of carbon disulfide and steel smelting. Mechanism charcoal is used as boiler fuel, its density is close to coal, heat value of 5500-7000 kcal/kg, but significantly lower ash of coal.

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