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Drum Type Wood Chipper

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2013-08-09
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Introduction of Drum Type Wood Chipper
Mainly for meet the need of wood pulp for chemicals,and wood chips for milling wood pulp.

Specifications of Drum Type Wood Chipper
1.It can be used to slice wood or non-wood raw materials
2.High yield,low energy
3.easy operation

Information of the drum chipper/drum crusher
Drum chipper by the body's machine, knife roller, fluctuation, feed roller, conveyor belt, hydraulic pressure system components. The machine adopts high strength steel welding and into, is the whole machine of supporting the foundation. Knife roller are installed on the two or three, four fly knife, use special manufacture of fly knife, through the pressure of bolt, fly knife fixed in the knife roller. According to the thickness of the different raw materials by cutting, feeding roller assembly can use hydraulic system in a certain range to fluctuate. Cutting down of material through the screen mesh of qualified down at the bottom of the hole, the discharge, big piece of material will be cutting machines.

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