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Durablity Wood Briquette Carbonization Stove

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Durablity wood briquette carbonization stove,Carbonization stove adopts advanced design concept, greatly increase the proportion of carbide and carbonization time about six to eight hours, 24 hours, the characteristics of easy operation and maintenance, high safety, high efficiency and continuous working performance and energy saving and environmental protection.

Durablity wood briquette carbonization stove,This type of furnace adopt unique air storage chamber structure fully reuse carbonization process of smoke and 95% of redundant smoke can be used for drying and carbonization, save a lot of fuel in the entire process, the quality of the tip of the final product.

Durablity wood briquette carbonization stove features

1. The carbonization rate is high, don't smoke, less pollution, high efficiency.

2. The new development of carbide furnace, drying of materials in the coking process of excess energy, can work continuously six to eight hours.

3. The gas flow of exhaust pipe will recovery from carbon basket continued warming in the process of coking furnace, and smoking will save 70% energy consumption and recovery of 95%.

4. It can be directly connected to the heating drying equipment, dry powder.

The above is a simple introduction about carbonization stove, if you are interested in our products or want to know more information and parameters, you can contact us.

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