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Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Charcoal Machine

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As one of the emerging environmental protection equipment, charcoal machine has broad market prospects. If you want to start the charcoal business and try to choose the charcoal machine, in addition to the price, there are also some other important factors you should consider. Zhengyang Machinery, as a professional factory for charcoal machine production, makes the following analysis, for your reference:

1. Propeller of the briquetting machine, which is one of the most important components of the charcoal machine. One problem that users often meet in the production process is that the carbon rod doesn’t come out or the carbon rod can not meet the requirements, which is mainly due to the poor quality of the propeller. In order to pursue a higher profit space, many charcoal machine manufacturers produce coarse propellers, which has greatly damaged the economic interests of the users. In the process of briquetting, the pressure is concentrated in the two spirals at the most front, so the propeller must be wear-resisting, durable, short, and requires to make by using special composite steel!

2.Motor. Almost all motors in charcoal machine factories are out-purchased. Some factories even purchase off-brand motors in order to make much more profits. You can not guarantee the quality of those off-brand motors, which might not only affects the service life of the charcoal machine, but you might not easily control the temperature in the process of charcoal production. As a result, the customer should pay attention to the motor brand and quality.

3. Bearing. A set of machines need to use multiple sets of bearings. Inferior and low-price bearings can improve the charcoal machine price and extend profits, but will lead to the collapse of the powder system of the charcoal machine, and decrease the pressure of briquetting machine, increase the frequency of maintenance. Finally, it is difficult for the charcoal producers to produce high quality charcoal. Therefore, it’s very essential to purchase high quality bearings.

4. Overall quality, which decides the service life of the charcoal machine. When choosing the machine, you need to check whether the texture and the thickness of the steel used meet related standard. Meanwhile, try to inspect other details what you think are important.

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