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Feasibility of Straw Charcoal

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Low said the straw charcoal can all know the cost of straw, then you can not be made of straw charcoal, then charcoal and sawdust comparable? Production of charcoal has a lot of raw materials, including all carbonaceous materials including straw can be used to make charcoal, this theory is no little picky. But this post-sales issues involved, the mechanism charcoal carbon content of straw, rice straw like material made of low ash, directly affecting the sales price. But it is not useless at straws, we have another production process can be fully utilized straw.

The straw can be crushed and then after high temperature carbonization increase its carbon content, add some adhesive stick made out of toner, the same can be used as a fuel in its heat up to 5,000 calories or more, most burn time 100 minutes Excellent. Its low cost and coal products, market prospects, lucrative, abundant raw materials, government support, people welcome.

National government requires all non-straw burning. Straw burning atmospheric pollution, seriously affecting the quality of life of local residents. NDRC requires provincial and municipal governments to come up with various policies to encourage the utilization of crop stalks subsidy programs. If you want a straw coal customers to take full advantage of this opportunity, relying on local government, with a good, live with the state's policies, with the local government.

Charcoal divided into three categories, one category is low carbon, its loose texture, low carbon content, poor mechanical strength, hand weigh up, floating feeling. It is mainly used in industry and agriculture (such as refining silicon, etc.), heating and hot pot. Its price is generally at 2200-2800 yuan / ton (priced). The second type is the warm charcoal grill, its texture is closer than low carbon, the carbon content is slightly higher than the former, hand weigh up the "heavy" feeling. It is mainly used for barbecue, in addition, can be used for industry and agriculture, heating and hot pot. Its price is generally at 2800-5200 yuan / ton (priced) The last category is the high-temperature high-quality charcoal.

Its texture is hard, weigh up the heavier hand, will sink in water, emit sound when tapping steel. Its carbon content, volatile and small ash, flameless combustion, the degree of resistance to low temperature carbon burn 3 times, 2 times charcoal barbecue. It is suitable for all occasions with charcoal. Particularly for high-end barbecue and exports, its price is generally more than 6000 yuan / ton (priced).

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