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Features And Application of Powder Ball Press Machines

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2013-12-19
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Features of powder ball press machines:

1.Nice price with ISO.

2.Strong and stable structure,easy,operation and maintain easily.

3.high density ,high strength & high hardness because the reasonable design.

4.The machine can be only main machine,or with the matched equipment.

5.Final product size 25-70mm and shape can be round,pillow & square shape.

6.Customer in South Africa,Mexico.Israel,Russian.etc

7.Different type:roller,high pressure & hydraulic type.

8.Roller material can be 65Mn, 9Cr2Mo, Alloy Steel, high-chromium alloy and so on.

9.Final briquettes ratio will at 98 percent because of the advanced design

Application of powder ball press machines

1.Coal powder/coal fine/coal dust

2.Charcoal powder/charcoal fine/charcoal dust

3.Gypsum/Desulfurization Gypsum/quicklime/slaked lime/

4.Activated carbon/carbon black

5.All kinds of metal powder/Manganese/magnesium/copper/iron

6.Iron oxide/aluminum oxide/clay

7.Some other type powder.

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