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Features of Charcoal Powder Extruder

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2017-07-29
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Charcoal Powder Extruder is also called carbon powder briquette machine, carbon powder extruder, which is a charcoal briquette forming machine whose raw material is firstly carbonized.

Features of Charcoal Powder Extruder

1. The material is first to be carbonized, then made into charcoal briquettes which makes the flowchart moresimple.

2. The service life of machines spare parts becomes much longer: from 40 hours-4000 hours.

3. Energy saving 60% electricity are saved, Easy to operate.

4. Final products with high density.

5. Fully automatic electric heating device,adjust the humidity of material.

6. Durable main parts and continuous production.

7. Increase the feeding rate,so with big capacity.

We design Charcoal Extruder by our own innovative ideas, thus provide cost-effective Charcoal Powder Extruder and professional technical guide to our customers.

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