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Function of Charcoal Stick Machine in Charcoal Production Line

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2018-02-28
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Charcoal stick machine is the main equipment in Charcoal Production Line. The charcoal stick machine is actually a material moulding machine. By Charcoal Stick Machine, wastes like wood waste, forest waste, coconut shells, rice hulls and olive scum can be recycled by grinding, drying and formed into rod material, then users can get charcoal sticks by carbonization in carbonization furnaces.

The charcoal stick machine design is reasonable, the manufacturing quality and reliable, and has the structure is simple, small size, less land occupation, convenient operation, labor saving, power saving features. Temperature adjusting indicator, it can work steadily at the fixed temperature. Rational structure, it is easy to operate and maintain. The main parts of a wear resistant material by special treatment, so it can be continuously pressing production, durable.

The charcoal stick machine  is applicable to all kinds of biomass raw materials, molding, and less energy consumption, high production efficiency. An inner molding is equipped with the shaping mould, which ensures the shape and final size of the products. The pitch increased feeding rate, thus greatly improving the yield. The solid stick produced by this machine is easy to light with high calorific value, high density which is favorable for transportation.

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