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High Quality And Efficiency Charcoal Ball Press Machine

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High quality and efficiency Charcoal ball press machine,Charcoal ball press machine is widely applied to produce powdered coal and fine coke balls,powered coal bar of fertilizer industry, applicable to mineral ball of chemical industry, applicable to mineral fines of different kinds of ferrous and non-ferrous metal, applicable to iron scale and dust elimination of metallurgy and applied to produce balls of sludge and fractiousness.

High quality and efficiency Charcoal ball press machine Features:

1. This Hydraulic briquette machine is designed to make briquette from many different raw materials, such as biomass fiber, fine powder, small pieces waste, metal scrap, etc.

2.The hydraulic briquette press is made from good quality material, parts, instrument, motor, equipped with computer-based PLC control.

3.The operation is simple and can be used with wide range of condition of raw materials.

Charcoal ball press machine also can be pressed into different shapes according to the customers' requirements through changing the molds. If you are interested in our products or want to know more information you can contact us or leave a message to us.

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