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High Quality Machine Charcoal Making Machine

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High quality Machine Charcoal Making Machine using new techniques to minimize the harmful substances to the environment and human health, our charcoal is made from natural materials, never pollute the enviroment. With the advantage of ease of use, high performance, low cost and non-toxic, our clean charcoal would be the best choice for the needs of the consumers!

High quality Machine Charcoal Making Machine Working principle:

This Charcoal Making Machine is an ideal equipment to make charcoal or coal powder into stick or briquette.Use the working principle of high pressure, this machine can squeeze powdering coal/charcoal into a certain high density shape: hexagon, pentagon, triangle, square, etc, according to the requirement of the client.

High quality Machine Charcoal Making Machine Advantages:

1.Simple structure: the machine is composed of the machine body, the molding tube, screw propeller

2.High concentricity, resist reverse thrust and reliable working condition

3.Easy operation and maintenance

This paper mainly introduces the working principle and advantages of charcoal machine, if you are interested in our products or want to know more information can contact us or leave a message to us.

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