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High Rate of Carbide Sawdust Carbonizing Stove Machine

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High rate of carbide sawdust carbonizing stove machine,Sawdust carbonizing stove machine is mainly used in the production of charcoal, USES the advanced coking technology, greatly improving the coking rate, the carbonization rate is about 80% to 80%.

High rate of carbide sawdust carbonizing stove machine is based on the original coking furnace flue gas recovery unit, flue gas recycling can reach clean smokeless, after the recovery of flue gas can be liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), for heating, cooking, also can be used in the dryer. New environmental protection coking furnace using a combination of functions, carbide materials can also directly.

High rate of carbide sawdust carbonizing stove machine working process:

1. The drying stage, from the start the ignition furnace temperature as high as 160 ° C, humidity with rod mechanism mainly rely on external heating and the heat generated by the combustion itself was gone.

2. The initial stages of carbide, this stage mainly depends on the s pole of heat of combustion, the temperature rise to between 160 ~ 280 ° C. In this case, the wood pyrolysis reaction, began to change. The composition is not stable, such as hemicellulose decomposition of carbon dioxide and a small amount of acetic acid and other substances.

3. This phase carbonization temperature 300 ~ 650 ° C completely. At this stage, wood material thermal decompose rapidly, and generate a large amount of acetic acid, methanol and wood tar and other liquid products. Also produce methane, ethylene and other flammable gas and combustible gas furnace. Thermal decomposition and combustion gas produced a lot of heat, furnace temperature rise, carbonized wood carbon at high temperatures.

Through the above introduction, I think you know already about our High rate of carbide sawdust carbonizing stove machine, if you are interested in our products can give us a message or contact us.

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