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Hoist Type Carbonization Furnace For Making Charcoal

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Hoist Type Carbonization Furnace for making charcoal is the ideal equipment to anoxic distillation carbonization. This Hoist Type Carbonization Furnace  for making charcoal  adopts the method of dry distillation and natural carbonizing heating the wood stick until it divides into fuel gas, tar and charcoal. Because of the reasonable structure, the charcoal carbonization furnace needs small quantity of heat consumption only.

The final products charcoal briquette bars can be used for heating furnace, industrial boilers, biomass power plant. Barbecue and so on.

Carbonization Furnace use:

When one inner stove finish carbonizing, the inner stove can be hoisted from the outer stove, then cooling naturally. At the same time, put another inner stove into the outer hot stove, which will save a lot of cooling time as well as fuels. So the productivity  increases a lot, and it is the ideal choice for mass production of charcoal.

Carbonization Furnace structure:

 The continuously Hoist Type Carbonization Furnace for making charcoal   includes the outer stove, three sets of inner stoves, and the 3 tons hoisting tools.

Carbonization Furnace features:

1.Continuously producing

2.Closed cooling

3.Man-controlled carbonization temprature

4. heat-resisting and wear-resisting body

5.All gas returning to furnace for buring,no gas pollution.

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