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How to Achieve Best Production Status of Carbonization Equipment

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The manufacture of the environmental straw charcoal can't leave carbonization equipment, then how could the machine take full advantage of its strengths in the actual production process to make the maximum benefit for the customers?

1. Quality is the premise of the carbonization equipment and only the eligible equipment can be the basis of production. The manufacture must give guarantee on this point that the machines must be qualified products.

2. In addition to the quality, we need to know about the detailed operating process of charcoal making and pay attention to its maintenance, as well as select and use the technical operaters to finish the work.

3. The charcoal making line doesn’t only rely on the single equipment, in fact, it needs several sets of equipment coordinate to complete, so placing the equipment and designing the site must be reasonable.

4. In the production process, it must finish in strict accordance with the charcoal operating regulation which the carbonization manufacture teaches to reduce malfunction of manual operation.

5. Maintain the straw carbonization equipment regularly, like dynamo, quick-wear parts, repair of the key components and so on, and end problems in the usual operation.

6. Pay attention to the dynamo and safety in production. Dynamo is operated according to power 380V which manufacture supply.Safety in production is preventing the output charcoal from spontaneous combustion, and place in a well-ventilated place.

All above is what we need to pay attention to in the charcoal production. Safely, efficiently and environment-friendly producing charcoal is the criterion of the carbonization factory. Only remaining in the best production condition of the straw carbonization equipment, can the machine bring tangible benefits for customers.

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