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How to Put The Wood In The Smokeless Carbide Furnace?

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Smokeless carbonization furnace (kiln) can not only be used to carbonize timber, firewood, but also can be used to carbonize the carbon rods made from carbonaceous materials such as sawdust, coconut shells, straws and other agricultural wastes. The smokeless carbonization furnace is mainly composed of carbonizing chamber, gastifier and dust purifier. In the carbonizing process, the temperature in the furnace can reach approximately 900℃. Therefore, smokeless carbonization furnace is an ideal equipment to produce medium-high heat charcoal.

As some customers failed to place the firewood (or timber, carbon rods, etc.) well in the smokeless carbonization furnace, it led to the uneven carbonizing of the firewood. Here, Zhengyang Machinery tells you how to place the firewood in the smokeless carbonization furnace. Firstly, you should make some metal frames, then insert the firewood into the metal frame one by one in circles, the denser the better. Before carbonizing, the volume weight is about 2 tons. After carbonizing, the volume weight (wood charcoal) is about 0.8 ton. Remember when placing the firewood, it’s necessary to leave a 50-100mm space around the firewood so that the steam can be able to release, which will reduce the?steam erosion of the firewood at the pre-carbonizing stage, and improve the effect of carbonization.

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