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How about our Shisha charcoal press machine ?

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Shisha charcoal press machine can press many different kinds of shapes by changing moulds.The shapes may be diamonds, cuboid, ringlike, rhomboid, triangular form, cylinder, pyramid, convexity, concavity, etc.

Shisha charcoal press machine's surface is smooth, both the pressure and density can be adjusted. Its characteristics are stable stamping, high-yield, good performance. It is the best choice for customers.

Shisha charcoal press machine Raw material:

This series of press machine are suitable for all kinds of dry and wet powder or granular materials,such as water pipe carbon, crystal carbon, carbon powder, coal powder, coking coal, cigarette ball, plastic tents fumigants, solid wax, solid alcohol, solid fuel, carbamide, fertilizer, forage, Chinese dregs of a decoction, west medicinal powder, ammonium chloride, dregs of furfural, rare earth, bauxite, scale cinder, lime powder, ash, high test hypochlorite, iron flavor powder.

Shisha charcoal press machine features:

1.The machine is used for pressing chips of big diameter and big filling quantity.

2.Special designed mandatory feeder. The machine can press pure powder material with feature of light weight and small density like charcoal powder.

3.Humanized design makes the machine’s cleaning and maintenance more easily.

4.Transmission system sealed in worm gear box below main body, is entirely separate independent components, it solves the mutual pollution, and the transmission system get lubrication sufficiently, also the noise and wear reduced.

5.Special Installation structure makes the change and repair of parts convenient.

The above is the simple introduction of machine, if you want to know more information you can contact us or leave a message to us.

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