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How to Clean Carbonization Furnace ?

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Affected by high temperature carbonization, there would be a small amount of ash sticking on the bottom and top of the carbonizing furnace in almost every carbonizing operation. Most of the ash comes from the ash impurities on the surface of semi-finished products - briquettes produced by briquette machine. For individual and special circumstances, for example, the welded seal of carbonizing furnace is untight that the ash impurities from external environment would be mixed into the furnace easily. Although the ash residues in the carbonizing furnace seem to be unconspicuous insignificant, it would affect the carbonizing quality of carbonization furnace seriously.

If ash residues in the carbonizing furnace are not cleared out in the secondary carbonizing process, once the temperature of carbonizing furnace reaches 300 degrees, the ash residues sticking at the top and bottom of carbonizing furnace would fall off due to the high temperature carbonization and stick on the surface of semi-finished products. Eventually, the charcoal products produced in this case would have lower ignition point, the quality of which is also inferior. To stabilize the carbonizing quality of carbonizing furnace, users need to make a thorough cleaning of the carbonizing furnace after each processing. Only ensures the cleanliness of the carbonizing furnace, the carbonizing quality would not be affected by the ash impurities.

As the finished product of carbonizing furnace, the charcoal produced has a certain shelf life. In the actual investigation, we found that there are only a few users who know the shelf life of the finished products of carbonizing furnace. Most of users began to notice the factors of shelf life of charcoal after meeting the quality problems in the use of charcoal. For example, the charcoal products after being stored for a long time would be burnt fast with low calorific value, these phenomena are in fact caused by the over shelf-life finished products.

The storage environment is the factor affecting the shelf life of charcoal. Practice has proved that the shelf life of charcoal storing in the fully sealed environment of 3 ~ 20℃ is 7 ~ 12 days. That is to say, the charcoal product stored in such environment had better be used in 7 to 12 days, otherwise there will be qualitative change of charcoal. In fact, the higher the temperature of the storage environment of finished product, the longer the shelf life of charcoal product. Of course, the temperature of the storage environment shall not exceed the burning temperature of products to avoid combustion of finished product during storage.

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