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How to Configure Charcoal Making Line?

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When producing charcoal rods, it's necessary to reasonably configure the charcoal production line. How to Configure Charcoal making line?

Charcoal making machine with an annual output of 300 tons to 3,000 tons and are generally more common is the annual output of 300 tons of production lines. Configure devices are: crusher, dryer, charcoal rods machine, carbonization furnace. Except these devices, there are other configured devices in addition to annual output 1500 tons charcoal automatic production line. Its configuration list is: conveyor 2, rotary screen 1, screw conveyor 1, rotary dryer 1, hopper feeder 1, charcoal rods machine 5, carbonization furnace 1, flat convey 1.

Charcoal making line according to customer requirements and the actual situation. We will suggest you how reasonable are the configuration of charcoal production line to increase production and maximize return on investment income.

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