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If The Motor Power Of Charcoal Bigger Is Better

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2017-04-15
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Charcoal machine operation by motor drive, some charcoal machine power for a few kilowatts, some power for more than a dozen kilowatts, or even tens of hundreds of kilowatts, whether of the charcoal machine motor power, the greater the processing of charcoal quality is better?

Motor power of charcoal machine whether the bigger the better

The motor power of the charcoal machine whether the bigger the better?

Charcoal machine motor power is based on the equipment required for operation of power and choice. If the device only need 5.5 KW motor, and you chose 11 KW motor, although this motor will not overload, but the cost is a little high, running the loss will increase the load of time and space, increase energy consumption.

If you choose the smaller than 5.5 KW motor, the motor will overload operation, the motor will be fever, motor is easy ageing burned with a long time, so the charcoal machine motor power is not the bigger the better, but to make the motor work at 80% power is most appropriate.

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