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Importance of Even Feeding for Charcoal Briquette Machine

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Charcoal briquette making machine is widely used to suppress various powders and residues like charcoal dust, the bamboo carbon powder, breeze, hookah carbon, graphite powder, page shell carbon, common jujube carbon, activated carbon and so on. These materials enjoy the features of certain bulk specific gravity. For double rollers of charcoal briquetting machine, larger the diameter, greater the nip angle and pressure. Based on the property of raw material and press rollers, here comes the conclusion that it is rather important to keep the feeding amount and speed in even.

With regard to the feeding ways, there are three kinds. Among which, the belt feeder is the top choice by virtue of low cost. As to the horizontal screw feeder, it is suitable for rollers with small diameter. As for the spiral pressure feeder, users can obtain the needed pre-load pressure by adjusting the revolving speed, which prepares for the high-pressure molding. The adjustment of pre-load pressure should vary from 0.3MPa to 0.5MPa according to the desired property of finished products.

The purpose of constant feeding is to make the host run smoothly with stable load. If the feeding amount is larger than the defined value, the host would be overloaded. On the contrary, if the feeding amount is smaller than the defined value, the balling effect would be less satisfactory. Therefore, the control of feeding amount is of great importance for charcoal briquette press machine. Of course, the importance of skillful operation should not be overlooked.

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