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Introduction of Coal and Charcoal Powder Extruder Machine

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Brief introduction of coal and charcoal powder extruder machine:

1.This machine is to make coal and charcoal powder into sticks. This is the first step to make silver charcoal.

2. The shape of the sticks can be made by customers requirements.

3.The product made by this machine is no pollution and smoke. It is the most suitable machine for you.

4.the machine can do shisha charcoal /sliver charcoal.

5.it can suitable for coal powder, charcoal powder , wood charcoal powder , coco nut shell charcoal powder , rice husk charcoal powder , charcoal dust , coal powder

6.lMaterial suitable size : <3mm

7.The shape and size of stick can be made as require , like round , hexagon , cinquefoil , and others , in the stick center , it can with hole or not

Charcoal powder extruder machine characteristics:

1.No binder or noxious chemical need to use.

2.The humidity of the raw materials is controlled in 8-12%.

3.Using the advanced Hot air drying system with the perfect performance.

4.After the processing of High temperature, purification, smoke removing, the carbonizing equipment transforms the semi-finished bio-fuel briquette into a smoke-free, tasteless, non-toxic cleaning carbon.

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Charcoal Machine

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