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Is All The Raw Materials of Charcoal Quality Are Same?

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2017-04-09
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Used for machine-made charcoal has a lot of raw materials, such as common, straw, rice straw, branches, sawdust, peanut shells, mushroom rods. All the raw materials of charcoal quality all the same? Of course not, the quality of carbon materials itself, or directly affect the finished product mechanism charcoal, mechanism of what kind of raw material to produce the best quality charcoal?

1) pine: almost all of the pine is suitable for making mechanism charcoal.

(2) hard miscellaneous wood, such as birch, elm, dry green willow and some of the fruit and all kinds of bamboo in the south, and so on. Most of the ingredients can be used as a mechanism for charcoal.

Relative sawdust, straw, in general, common has big ash, low calorific value, such as weakness. But as a result of straw, rice straw abundant raw material resources, the mechanism of raw material to produce charcoal can be used for barbecue, heating, hot pot, mosquito plant, industrial and agricultural. Using sawdust mechanism charcoal produced by the carbon content is high, the density is big, long burning time, numerous advantages of high calorific value.

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