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Machine-Made Charcoal VS Original Charcoal

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Charcoal has wide range of uses, which can be used as mix carbon in the field of industrial and the carburizing carbon in the chemical industries. For the daily life, charcoal can be used as fuel for heating, barbecue, hot pot and so on.

Charcoal can be machine-made charcoal or original charcoal (wood charcoal) according to the producing process. As a professional charcoal machine manufacture, Tongli gives you introduction to the machine made charcoal and original charcoal.

Machine-Made Charcoal

Machine-made charcoal refers to the charcoal briquettes smoldered oxygen-deficiently in carbonization furnace. There are wide choices of the raw material for Machine-made charcoal and the raw materials are easy to get. Machine-made charcoal briquettes are of regular shapes and othe shapes, and the carbon content is 75-85%. its calorific value is 7000-8500 kcal. The burning time is 200 minutes per kilogram. There is less flue gas or peculiar smell when burning. It is an ideal environmentally clean fuel. Machine-made charcoal need no trees material, on the contrary, it turns waste into wealth.

Original Charcoal

The original charcoal refers to the 100% natural tree stems or roots smoldered into charcoal briquettes. Because the different moisture and sizes of the raw material, the quality of original charcoal is not that stable. The carbon content is 65-75%. Its calorific value is 5500-6500 kcal. The burning time is 80 minutes per kilogram. Besides, there is flue gas and peculiar smell while burning. Producing the original charcoal must need the trees and logs as raw material by damaging the ecological environment.

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