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Machine-made Charcoal Production Line

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2016-10-20
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Machine-made charcoal briquette smoldered oxygen-deficiently in carbonization furnace to form Machine-made charcoal. There are wide choices of the raw material for Machine-made charcoal. The raw materials are low cost and can be used in combination.

Machine-made Charcoal Production Line

The full set of charcoal equipment includes crusher (grinder), dryer, charcoal molding machine, carbonization furnace and auxiliary equipments. We will help customers make sales & operation planning.

Machine-made charcoal with regular shape; the carbon content is 75-85%. its calorific value is 7000-8500 kcal. The burning time is 200 minutes per kilogram. There is less flue gas or peculiar smell when burning. It is an ideal environmentally clean fuel. Machine-made charcoal does not need to fell trees, on the contrary, it turns waste into wealth.

Through our machinery products, the waste that can be recycled such as wood waste, forest waste, coconut shells, rice hulls and olive scum can be grinded, dried, molded and carbonized. At last, we can get the charcoal that we use usually. This method is easy to learn and operate. Besides, our equipment is environmental friendly.

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Charcoal Machine

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