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Maintaining of Wood Crushing Machine

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2014-01-20
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Maintaining of Wood Crushing machine:

1.because of long time wok, the bearings in the spindle need add butter. Works much longer, need add more butter. Or the bearings will be heated and then damaged which will influence the normal operation.

2.After long time work, the blades will get blunt. This time need disboard them and sharpen them with sharpener or stone by hand until them get sharped. If the blades are not sharp, this will influence capacity and also damage machine easily.

3.The V-belt needs to adjust degree of tightness after using a time. Press the middle of the belt with finger to fall 6-10mm.

4.Everyday when finished work, should clean the machine and check whether the machine is lose to increase

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