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Mechanism Charcoal Machine Production Cost

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How much is the cost of production mechanism charcoal machine? Must have engaged in charcoal production industry friends want to know the production cost of charcoal, this is an important part of our income decision, the following explanation for everybody.

Making mechanism charcoal costs shall be calculated from the following aspects:

1, the price of raw materials (according to the different production cost of material is different);

2, the consumption of electricity (making a ton of mechanism charcoal need 300 KWH);

3, artificial wages, nissan a ton of mechanism charcoal need 4 people, with the increase of production, every tons need to add artificial one);

4, venue rental, nissan a ton of mechanism charcoal need area of 400 square, increasing a ton of space 100 square);

5, equipment type selection, maintenance;

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