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Most Popular High Output Beehive Coal Machine

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2013-08-16
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Specifications of beehive coal machine:
1.High quality
2.Competitive price 3.Easy maintenance

Brief introduction of beehive coal machine:
Top-level charcoal powder briquetting machine equipment we produce briquette of various shapes like square, rounded, porous, plum flower form etc, and our machines are multipurpose: a machine can produce we manufactured are best seller, Briquette machine cbriquettes in different types, also our machine can produce newtype ignited briquette. The mechanical capacities are far superior to others, and the products they manufactured are smooth and combustible.

Their advantages are as follows of beehive coal machine:
1.Our machine can be used for pressing different molds of briquettes by replacing matching moulds. The customers can purchase complete machine with other kind of moulds, then the machine can be multipurpose, and the customers can save capitals.
2.Besides the normal products, we can also design and manufacture special moulds as the customers’ requirements.
3.The briquette making machine can produce honeycomb briquettes, also it can press powder materials into other shapes.

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