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Muti-function Belt Conveyer

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2013-08-22
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Specifications of Belt conveyer :

1.Large capacity.

2.Long distance conveying

3.Can conveying 400 degree high temperature material

Summary of Belt conveyer :

This type general fixed belt conveyer for industrial (hereafter referred to as belt conveyor) is suitable for conveying bulk materials or packed materials. belt conveyer for industrial has lots of advantages of large throughput, low operating cost, wide range of application. belt conveyer for industrial not only can be transported by single belt conveyor, but also can be horizontally or inclined transported by many sets of machine or with other transport equipment together according to requirements of the conveying process.

Main Application of Belt conveyer :

The belt conveyer for industrial is mainly used in coal mining, quarry, metal mining, chemical industry, port grain etc.

Features of Belt conveyer :

Belt conveyer for industrial can work at the ambient temperature between - 10 °C and 40 °C, The belt will be chosen reasonably on the basis of the different temperature of the materials. And the temperature is generally not higher than 60°C. Belt conveyer for industrial must use heat-resisting type belt when conveying higher temperature of the material (Ⅰtype 100°C,Ⅱtype 125°C,Ⅲtype 150°C). Belt conveyer for industrial need to choose oil resistance, acid and alkali resistant rubber belt or plastic belt when conveying acid, alkali, oil material and material with organic solvent properties. Belt conveyer for industrial should use antiflaming conveyer belt in the fire workplace. With the development of technology, in order to conveying material in special cases, the belt that can resist high temperature has been researched.

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