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New Environmental Carbonization Furnace Operation

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Placed on level ground on the new environmentally friendly carbonization furnace shall not tilt the stove, open the top of the lid, then mounted a good basket of the stick into the furnace, the insertion of the stick to be a one iron baskets, cruising installed rod, the more dense the effect is more ideal. Capacity at this time of about two tons, the finished charcoal by carbonization after about 0.8 tons.

After the stick furnace installed from the following four ignition mouth ignition, as the available firewood or weeds can ignite the raw material, first a small amount of weed or sawdust into the reaction tank cap quickly ignited to produce a certain concentration the gas pipeline gas into carbonization furnace at the bottom of the storage tank, storage tank and then slowly open the valve can be, at the same time ignited. Before ignition lid closed, plus a fireproof asbestos cloth, no leakage of the fire and into the oxygen, the mechanism of the stick can be lit nature, and will be the carbonization furnace back the flue gas after the gasifier system into can ignite the gas, pass into the bottom of the carbonization furnace ignition mouth, both opened smoke machine to pull smoke and smoke fire fire, general pumping out smoke pipe of the stove back in about 3-4 hours, can be observed, if there is no black smoke risk out, you can turn off the exhaust fan, into the own flat fire burning state, the burning time is 8 hours, the the general cooling time is also about 12 hours, you can open the door to take charcoal carbonized after.

But during the operation to be applied flexibly, the carbonized time and cooling time according to the situation and grasp the furnace fire did not destroy, both can not open the door to take carbon, more can not be cooled with water, so as to guarantee the quality of the charcoal carbonization, so as to achieve the non-toxic smokeless and odorless effect. The carbonization yield can reach more than 98%.

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