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Performance Characteristics of Charcoal Crushing Machine

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2013-12-10
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Performance characteristics of charcoal crushing machine: 

1. Deep broken cavity, no dead zone, increased capacity and output of the feed; 

2. Large crushing ratio, uniform particle size products; 

3. Padstyle nesting population adjustment devices, and ease of adjustment range, and increase the flexibility of the equipment; 

4. Safe and reliable lubrication system, convenient replacement parts, small maintenance workload; 

5. Structure is simple, reliable; low operating costs. 

6. Energy-saving equipment: stand-alone energy-saving 15% ~ 30%; energy saving of the system is more than doubled;

7. The discharging size of jaw crusher can be adjusted to meet the requirements of different users; 

8. Low noise and less dust. 

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