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Pharmaceutical Vacuum Drying Industrial Microwave Equipment

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Industrial microwave equipment:
1.Man-machine interface operation system
2.PLC automatic control
3.easy to operate

Advantages of industrial microwave equipment:
1. It largely reduces the time for heating.
2. It can reduce heat consumption.
3. The output power of microwave is adjustable.
4. Environmentally friendly.
5. It is very favorable for automatic and continuous production.

Features of industrial microwave equipment:
1. Especially designed for thermally sensitive medical materials, evenly and fast drying effect in a low temperature.
2.Horizontal rotary, a large space for filling materials, basket-type tray, PP material.
3. Vacuum degree ≤ -0.09Mpa, automatic control.
4. The overall unit is made up of 304 thickening stainless steel. Elegant appearance, convenient to clean, 360° dead-corner-free automatic cleaning.
5. The core components are independently developed or strictly customized according to SUNY standard.
6. Clean drainage system, dewatering rapidly.
7. Man-machine interface operation, PLC automatic control, the realization of data storage, output and print.
8. Continuous microwave power, free setting of technological parameters, multiple technological curves are available.
9. As with loading or unloading system, an accurate spacing and timing function can be achieved both automatically and manually.
10. A non-contact infrared thermometry is adopted, high accuracy, easy operation, video display and convenient to monitor.
11. In accord with national GMP certification specification.
12. Microwave leak rate ≤ 1 mW/cm2 (National standard ≤ 5 mW/cm2 )

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