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Professional Rotary Sawdust Dryer

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Professional rotary sawdust dryer,Clean wooden balls are usually made of sawdust and planing. Wood before must be skinned sawmills. Hard wood sawdust can be mixed in with soft wood, but successful hardwood production ball no binding more difficult.

Professional rotary sawdust dryer is on the basis of success if the sawdust and shaving deep absorption and the demand of the particles. Usually, less than 15% of the water, then dry step can be skipped. If the sawdust moisture, pellet drying process is necessary.

Professional rotary sawdust dryer can be in the drum type dryer, the so-called flash drying machine is suitable for high temperature. Or with dryer, also known as the plate dryer temperature is relatively low. The first option is better suitable for fine materials, and the rough material need to lower the temperature, so if the chip will go together, the best belt dryer.

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