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What's The Property of Ore Powder Ball Ppress Machine?

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Ore powder ball press machine as one of the latest briquetting machines on the market, is an essential machine to produce artificial charcoal. It can make square, egg shaped, round, pillar shaped, strip shaped products.

Ore powder ball press machine is mainly used to compress powder materials and waste materials like charcoal, carbon powder, bamboo carbon powder, coke powder, graphite powder, active carbon etc. The machine is welcome on the market because of the following unique properties:

1.It can compress waste materials including bamboo, wood, fruit shell and straw with less than 12% of water content into solid firewood bars with center holes without adding any binder through the high temperature and high pressure processing procedure.

2.Ore powder ball press machine features reasonable design, high manufacturing quality, simple structure, small size, small land covering area and power saving etc.

3.The fully automatic control electric heating device can adjust the wet and dry condition of the materials casually, thus guaranteeing the stable forming.

4.The main parts of the machine are made with special wear resisting materials, thus realizing the continuous production and durability.

5.The Ore powder ball press machine is suitable for compressing biomass materials with low energy consumption and high production efficiency.

6.The design of changing the mechanical heart form one to four increases the stability and durability of the machine. By increasing the feeding amount, the machine realizes higher yield.

Our ore powder ball press machine is widely applied in many industries. It is suitable for not only the single unit operation and large scale forming assembly, but also the flexible production.

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