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Raw Material Requirements of Bamboo Charcoal

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2017-04-13
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When producing machine-made bamboo charcoal, most charcoal suppliers choose waste bamboo sticks or leftovers in bamboo wares factories as the raw material, which requires to be crushed first. Some charcoal manufacturers even grind twice to make high-quality charcoal rods. Actually, there is no need for secondary grinding, which will also cause a lot of dust.

For the crusher, generally, the sieve size with 4mm or 6 mm is better, and the power needs 22KW or 30 KW. The finer the bamboo particle is, the higher density of the rod is, and the rod will be much harder. The finest can be 3mm, but the sieve hole will be blocked if grinding much finer bamboo particles as most raw materials have high moisture, so sieve size with 6mm is the best. If your raw material is relatively dry, you can use 4mm.

New materials require fermentation before briquetting. If you have ample space, it’s better to ferment the materials for half a month. Even though your space is not large enough, the materials also need to be stacked for at least 3-5 days. Remember that do not wait until the materials over-fermented.

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