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Rotary Dryer for Charcoal Production line

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Rotary dryer is a charcoal material dryer used for drying grain, sawdust and other small granular materials. It can dry the crushed raw materials quickly with high capacity in charcoal production line.

Rotary dryer is mainly composed by the revolving body, lifting plate, driving device, supporting device, sealing ring and other components. 

Working Process of Rotary Dryer:

The raw material plate which is arranged reasonably with changeable angles in order, throws moisture materials into the rotary cylinder. Then water will be separated from the materials by hot air-flow and changed into vapor to be discharged into the atmosphere. Then the materials would be dried. 

Rotary Dryer has the advantages of reasonable structure, perfect in workmanship, high yield, low energy consumption, convenient to operate.For more information, please view our website or contact us directly.

We are the professional charcoal equipments manufacturer, We configure charcoal production line according to customer requirements and the actual situation. We will suggest you how reasonable are the configuration of charcoal production line to increase production and maximize return on investment income.

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