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Screw Conveyor Product Description

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Screw conveyor Product Description:

Screw conveyor are a eauipment conveying bulk cement fron cement silo to concrete mixer or concrete batching machine. It features with conpact structure, small cross section area, light weight, great sealing performance, high conveying efficiency, flexible process layout, mobility and safe operation. Flexible screw conveyor can transport all kinds of powder, granular, small lump bulk materials such as clay powder, coal powder, cement, gravel, grain, small block coal and pebbles, etc.

Cement Screw Conveyor for Silo Working Principle:

When the hollow axes with screw flight rotates along the jacketed trough, the bulk material feed into the trough and screw flight was hold back by the frication resistance acted on the wall of trough during running, the screw flight push the material and make the material do axial movement, simultaneity the material contact with the hollow shaft and jacketed trough full with cooling water and do heat transfer process. The cooled material can be discharged at the proper outlet at the bottom of trough or transport out at the end of trough.operate

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