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Selection of Air Volume for Dryer Dust Collector

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2018-01-31
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Dust collector ventilation effect directly affects the dryer production, in order to have high yield must choose to deal with a large amount of dust collector, to ensure that the dryer has a certain negative pressure, the furnace will produce high temperature gas into the dryer, Drying materials quickly heat exchange and timely elimination, as far as possible to reduce the exhaust gas temperature inside the dryer to achieve the purpose of rapid drying.

Drying bag filter exhaust gas treatment of the size of the choice of air according to the dryer specifications, drying the type of material, the size of the water, the detailed calculation of a reasonable selection, dust collector ventilation generally reach the conventional dryer Handling air volume of 2 times.

Wind, coal, material balance: the key to high-yield dryer is to do "wind, coal, material," the balance. First determine the ventilation of the precipitate and the dryer model specifications, and then determine the high temperature boiling furnace heating is appropriate. Second, to strengthen the operation, feeding to be uniform, water fluctuations can not be too much, the heat source temperature adjustment should be timely, furnace temperature and exhaust gas temperature to maintain stability, ventilation and dust to ensure air volume, wind pressure normal. Only to do this, in order to do the wind, aniseed, fire, to achieve high yield and low consumption.

Systematically look at the drying problem: the dryer as a system to design, according to the maximum capacity of the dryer to support the strict requirements of the relevant equipment to achieve performance indicators to ensure that the maximum output of the dryer, the thermal state is still the best The

Technical tracking: According to the characteristics of the dryer when the production is prone to fluctuations, we must provide practical technical tracking measures, strict production process management, to ensure that the drying system thermal system has long been in a controlled state, so as to achieve the lowest average energy consumption Effect.

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