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Shisha Charcoal Machine The Best Choice For You

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2013-01-16
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Shisha charcoal machine harcoal powder tablet press, which mainly used for hookah charcoal production,belongs to single-pressure-type automatic tablet press, can make all kinds of powder material pressed into various kinds of special slices like circular slice, square, etc. The diameters of the hookah charcoal is adjustable, and different size, strength and hardness of the charcoal pieces can be made according to the request of customers.

Charcoal piece or charcoal powder piece with Diameter 30 to 40mm is currently very popular in the world. Product of wafer type with one side convex and the other side concave, general diameter between 30 and 40mm with about 30mm thick. If change the mould it can be compressed into flakiness(diameter 6-40 mm), square, rectangular block,ring, triangle, vertebral body and other special shape. It can also be used in chemical industry and all kinds of special industries that need the mechanized production of sheet molding. It is with fast speed and good quality, and the economic benefit is very significant.

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Charcoal Machine

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