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Shisha Charcoal Press Machine Functions And Usage

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2014-03-17
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Shisha charcoal press machine Details:

1.Shisha charcoal forming machine -- the main products hookah charcoal, Silver Charcoal, silver coated carbon, triangular carbon forming machine machinery and equipment

2. We closely follow the market demand for the development of a new equipment hookah charcoal forming machine. Equipment is based on the latest foreign molding machine has the advantages in design, equipment using spiral hydraulic system, completely abandoned the old machine discharge slowly, machine wear serious, techniques to master difficult, expensive, inefficient and disadvantages of accessories

3. The main production processes: the outsourcing of charcoal powder - mixing - molding - drying - packaging, storage products. Major equipment: grinder, blender, molding machine, drying machine, packaging machine

4. The finished products are mainly supply of the Middle East and Europe and the United States market, foreground capacious.

Shisha charcoal press machine Functions and usage:

1,Use the wood crusher to crush wood into sawdust;

2,Use the sawdust dryer to pull the moisture out of sawdust;

3,Use the Sawdust Forming Machine to press sawdust into stick;

4,Use the wood charcoal bake stove to bake the stick into charcoal;

5,Then use the wood crusher again to break the charcoal into powder;

6,Use the powder molding machine to press the charcoal powder into all kinds of shape(you can customize many kinds of mould);

7,Use the packing machine to package the shaped charcoal.

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Charcoal Machine

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