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Strong Pressure Charcoal Ball Press Machine

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Strong pressure charcoal Ball Press Machine is a type of ball press machine series, in commercial and industrial areas, especially in the I and generating device, fine powder briquetting is the only way to change a small to a large lump, suitable for powder material transportation, sales or recycling. Through the press block, we can change a waste of money, also solve the problem of local environment!

Strong pressure charcoal Ball Press Machine is mainly used in low pressure material moisture content such as all kinds of charcoal powder, mineral powder, refractory materials, coal, carbon black powder and other powder mineral materials. This scrap metal block making machine is very easy to press all kinds of powder processing into a round shape, pillow or square shape, so it reaches to the production environment and dust distribution costs and save material.

Material briquetting powdery or granular materials into a larger block size is convenient. This is done through compaction materials hydraulic press, sometimes in the presence of binding materials. Processed into can produce high and low pressure and can be mechanical or thermal treatment according to the properties of the processed material. Strong pressure charcoal Ball Press Machine can according to different materials, processed into scale, capacity, technology parameter is adjustable.

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