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The Best Rotary Dryer Was Supplied By Zhengyang

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The rotary dryer is widely used for drying the chalk slags, coal powder, slags, clay and other materials in the building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry,cement industry.

The rotary dryer has a better adaptability and can dry various materials with a simple and reliable operation. It is also used in charcoal making. For charcoal making, the raw material can be sawdust, wood branches, wood, wood residues, rice husk, sunflower shell, peanut shell, corn stalk, straw, bamboo, cotton stalk, coconut shell, olive waste, furfural dregs, bagasse, corncob, corn stalk and any other agricultural waste.

Rotary dryer is designed with anti-sticky drum-wall and assembled material-lifting board. Rotary dryer is divided into secondary-granulating section, balling section, polishing section and drying section, etc.

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