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The production principle of the large charcoal machine production line

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2022-02-15 16:12:53
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With the continuous increase of labor costs, charcoal manufacturers have higher and higher requirements for the degree of automation of the mechanism charcoal machine production line. It is an ideal choice to invest in a fully automatic charcoal machine production line. One investment will benefit all year round. Mechanism charcoal is the use of agricultural and forestry waste (agricultural and forestry product waste) as raw materials, and processed to make it into a new energy-mechanism charcoal. This project has low investment, quick effect, and turns waste into treasure. It is very suitable for the deep processing of tertiary industries in the vast rural areas, forest areas and agricultural and forestry product processing plants. It is a good project to develop the economy, make a fortune and make a profit. On the basis of absorbing the technical characteristics of equipment at home and abroad, Gongyi Tongli Charcoal Machine Manufacturing Factory has innovatively improved the fully automatic charcoal machine production line developed and produced. The technology, labor saving, high production efficiency, low production cost, good product quality, environmental protection and energy saving . The simple automatic charcoal machine production line mainly includes, pulverizer, dryer, rod making machine, carbonization furnace, trommel screen, single screw feeding machine, double screw feeding machine, automatic rod cutting machine, steel mesh conveyor, packaging machine and other equipment. These equipments can automatically crush, screen and dry raw materials to make rods through a reasonable ratio link, which can greatly reduce the input of labor costs and increase the output.

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Safety and feasibility of large-scale charcoal machine production line:

1. As a waste renewable energy fuel, charcoal has a higher calorific value than ordinary coal, is smokeless, odorless, non-toxic, clean and hygienic, and has a wide range of uses. It is in great demand in industry, agriculture, animal husbandry and civil use. The industrial use of charcoal reaches hundreds of industries, and it is a major industry that requires charcoal.

2. China, as a big agricultural country, produces tens of billions of tons of agricultural and forestry "wastes" that are "little useful" but must be disposed of every year; a large number of palm shells, coconut shells, and fruit shells in Southeast Asian countries have been abandoned for a long time; The rising cost of coal burning in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Italy needs to be alleviated urgently; every year, a large number of suppliers from Japan, the United States, South Korea, Southeast Asia and Taiwan and other regions come to my country to find charcoal resources, and my country's existing charcoal The production capacity simply cannot meet the existing market demand.

3. While the traditional carbonization method turns waste resources into economic advantages, there is a serious problem of polluting the environment. According to expert research, the carbonization methods of old-fashioned charcoal kilns and traditional carbonization furnaces have become a new source of environmental pollution. A large amount of heavy smog has been generated, which has not only become a bottleneck for environmental protection, but has even become the main culprit in the haze weather in cities, which has attracted great attention. In order to protect the living environment and meet the requirements of environmental protection, Tongli Machinery provides new smokeless, green and energy-saving carbonization equipment for the charcoal industry. This is the ideal equipment for the replacement of earth kilns and old carbonization furnaces. Effectively complying with the policy, the environmental protection mechanism charcoal production line has received increasing attention.

4. Tongli environmental protection carbonization equipment uses the flue gas generated during its own carbonization to become combustible gas and burns itself, with zero pollution and zero flue gas emissions; the equipment technology, operation is convenient, power saving and labor saving, the entire production line is 1-2 people. Operable; there are several specifications, which can be reasonably configured according to the output requirements; no matter the size of the carbonization furnace, the carbonization time of each furnace is only 4-5 hours, and the carbonization time is short and fast; the carbonization rate is high and intact, and the products belong to Medium and high temperature carbon; there is no loss of raw materials in the whole production process, and the ignition material of the gasifier becomes carbon powder, which can be directly sold or made into carbon rods. Energy saving, environmental protection, suitable for large-scale production.

In view of the above situation, the use of agricultural and forestry waste (agricultural and forestry product waste) as raw material, and the use of environmentally friendly charcoal technology to convert it into new energy - environmentally friendly charcoal, is an ideal project to turn waste into treasure, make money and benefit the country and the people , Investing in an environmentally friendly mechanism charcoal automatic production line is a huge industry to get rich, safe and feasible.

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