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To Deal Coal Powder With Ball Pressing Machine

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Along with the rapid development of science and technology, China still has a long way to go toward the comprehensive and systemic use of mineral powers. Nowadays, application of coal power accounts for 70% in the total amount. Poisonous gases like sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide are the major sources of air pollution.

Ball Pressing Machine can realize the recycling use of mineral powders. Since advanced technologies for comprehensively using coal are absent, raw coals are directly put in furnace. While, under this situation, a large parts of coal can not be burned up.

The burning rate fluctuates at 80%. Due to this reason, a lot of smoke is produced. To clean the pollutants, we need to cost a lot. Along with the strong appeal for clean environment and sustainable development, this situation is hard to proceed on. Coal briquettes, produced by Ball Pressing Machine, are different from the raw coals.

If being added with proper amount of burning agents, coal briquettes will have higher efficiency to be fully burned up while without the risk to pollute environment. 

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