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Vertical Crusher Machine Specify

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2013-08-02
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Introduction of vertical compound crusher:

Vertical compound crusher is comprehensive similar breaker technology at home and abroad, the main technical parameters of optimized design of new type crushing, coarse grinding products,

mainly uses in cement plant and broken of cement raw meal, clinker and cement plant technology and can provide a kind of ideal new cement production line of fine grinding equipment.

Also applies in soft iron ore, sandstone, gypsum, blast furnace slag, coal gangue, lump coal, metallurgy compatibilizer raw materials and other medium hard ore crushing.

Great crushing ratio, energy consumption, stable operation, simple structure, convenient maintenance and operation characteristics.

Application of vertical compound crusher:

Vertical compound crusher is a kind of new fine and coarse crushing equipment, which is developed according to purified parameter based on the crushing technology at home and abroad.

The vertical combination crusher is mainly used for crushing cement raw materials and clinker for middle-size cement plants, which is a kind of ideal fine crushing equipment in the technical reform or construction of production line of cement plants.

The vertical combination crusher is also applicable for crushing such hard and medium hard materials as iron ore, gravel, gypsum, slag, gangue and lump coal. It has the advantages of big crushing proportion, less energy consumption, stable running, easy operation and maintenance, etc.

Work principle of vertical compound crusher:

The motor drives the rotor that fixed on the main bearing to run quickly toward certain direction when the machine works. The materials are fallen into the throw-up disc and impacted by the high speed strips of the throw-up disc, and then strikes with the impact board under the effect of Centrifugal Force.

Because the impact board is bevel and the gravitation, the materials are threw to the taper crushing room and impacted by the high-rotating up hammerhead. After gaining sufficient energy, the materials are thrown to the impact board again and action repeats. The materials strike with each other in the crushing room and then are down to the column-shape rotor room. Then crushed, pressed, and ground and action repeats. In this way, the materials go through up, middle, and down rotor crushing rooms and crushed, pressed, and ground by the hammers and the impact boards, and finally the materials are gradually crushed into needed sizes and come out.

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