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Waste Charcoal Press Machine Work Process

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2017-04-17
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Waste charcoal press machine can turn agriculture waste such as sawdust, branches, rice husks, bamboo dust, peanut skins, coffee grounds, crop straw, olive waste and other woody material into briquette, which can be used in boiler, heating and warming! After carbonization, the briquette will become charcoal, used in BBQ!

Waste charcoal press machine work process:

1. Crush the raw material into small pieces (diameter is about 3-5mm)

2. Dry the material by machine or dried it in the sun , till the moisture is less than 12%

3. Put the material into feed let of briquette machine

4. Produce the briquette stick from biomass material without any additive

5. Carbonized the briquette stick

6,finished briquette have 50MM,70MM diameter can be choise

We design olive waste charcoal press machine by our own innovative ideas, innovate olive waste charcoal press machine, improve design process, greatly improved the production capacity, thus provide cost-effective olive waste charcoal press machine and professional technical guide to our customers. The charcoal production equipments and charcoal forming machine have been exported to Russia, Uzbekistan, Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos, Kazakhstan and many African countries.

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