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What's The Best Material To Produce Machine-made Charcoal

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There are a lot of carbonaceous materials can be used to produce machine-made charcoal through the charcoal machine. Then, what is the best raw material for charcoal production?

Many charcoal suppliers believe that sawdust is superior among a lot of other materials. But, the price of sawdust is rather high and the supply of sawdust is insufficient in some countries. Actually, apart from sawdust, many other raw materials can also be used to produce machine-made charcoal, such as nut (peanut, walnut, coconut, etc.) shells, cotton straw and grape vines. The advantages of charcoal made from these materials are that it: produces less smoke while burning, requires little or no preparation before actual use, has a higher energy content per unit mass, and can be easily transported and stored. The disadvantages are that it: has a short burning time and produces large amounts of ashes.

All in all, as a charcoal manufacturer or/and supplier, to offer high-quality machine-made charcoal, the available raw materials in your local area need to be considered. Besides, since not all raw materials produce quality charcoal and the quality of the charcoal produced by a particular raw material should be checked to see if it fits proposed markets or end uses before any investment is made.?That is, you should know the final market of your charcoal, whether it is used as domestic fuel for cooking and heating or sent to the barbecue market. When choosing machines to start your charcoal business, it's better to communicate with machine supplier about the raw materials you decide to use.

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