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What Is The Charcoal?

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2016-05-07
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Charcoal is woodiness material under the anoxic condition, heating composite products. It has the following properties. Color, normal, charcoal calcined at different temperatures, the color of its surface is different, in 250 ℃ burn charcoal, its appearance is brown, not easy to break; In the 300-450 ℃ burn charcoal, its appearance is black; When the firing temperature of 700 ℃ above, its appearance not only black, and black gloss, knock, a loud sound metal.

What are the application range of the charcoal?

1, charcoal have larger than appearance and strong adsorption ability, can be used as a desiccant materials.

2, charcoal calorific value: common in 6500-6500 kcal/kg, the higher the carbonization temperature, the greater the charcoal carbon content, calorific value is high.

3, charcoal ash: the higher the carbonization temperature, ash content, the greater the broad-leaved forest carbonized charcoal ash content is higher than coniferous forest, including ash bark is bigger than lumber.

4, electrical conductivity, when closed fire temperature above 700 ℃, firing charcoal atomic attack finish to the change of the structure, it produced locally as graphite atomic structure of hexagonal ring plane layer, so the electrical conductivity, when the carbonization temperature below 600 ℃, charcoal have no electrical conductivity.

5, Inflammable: charcoal charcoal complete put out in the air, but gives off heat, generates CO2, incomplete quench can emit CO.

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