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What Should We Do If The Charcoal Have A high Ash Content?

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We know that charcoal quality decides whether you can sell a good price. There are a lot of factors affecting the quality of charcoal, such as moisture content, volatile matter other than water, fixed carbon content, ash content, etc. For ash content, if it is too high, it will, to an extent, reduce the efficiency of charcoal combustion, and as a result affecting the sales of charcoal. As an experienced charcoal machine manufacturer, today, we will talk what we should to if the ash content of the charcoal is too high, especially for those machine-made charcoal. We hope that our analyses and recommendations will be helpful and beneficial for charcoal producers.

1. During briquetting (to make charcoal rod or other shapes by compression molding), if the density of the charcoal briquette is not high enough, its inner structure will be loose, which will enlarge the combustion area of the briquette during its carbonizing, causing over-carbonizing or high ash content.

2. Low-quality raw material: when choosing raw materials, it's essential to control the investment of materials with high ash content. For example, the ash content of rich husk, straw and weeds is generally very high, charcoal made from which can not be able to used in grilling industry and can only be applied for industry uses.

3. High carbonizing temperature: In the process of carbonizing, if the temperature in the carbonization furnace or the kilns is too high, it will inevitably cause the loss of carbon and further resulting high ash content of charcoal. So, it's very important to control the temperature during carbonizing.

4. Unclean raw materials: To solve this problem, it's better to strictly control the sand and dirt during raw material transportation, storing and manufacturing.

From the above analyses, we got to know that temperature control in carbonizing is the most difficult and crucial part in reducing the ash content and improve the quality of charcoal.

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